Waquoit’s Bourne Pond Struggle with Milfoil

Late this summer CPWB contacted some residents who live around Bourne Pond in Waquoit to see if they wanted to do something about the infestation of Milfoil.  Milfoil is a noxious, non-native aquatic weed. The Bourne Pond we are refering to is the fresh water Bourne Pond, (not the big salt water Bourne Pond the off Menauhant Road). The pond has recently had its herring run repaired and it appears to be working well adding to Bourne Pond’s importance to the Waquoit ecosystem.  


Of those families who own property on the pond that we were able to contact, there is enthusiasm for ridding the pond of Milfoil.  One of those families has agreed to contribute a significant amount of money to initiate the project.


CPWB has agreed to facilitate the project by gatheringinformation, helping with the permitting and raising money to complete the project.  CPWB has contacted a representative from the Division of Fish and Wildlife for more information.  DFW recommended contractors who have experience dealing with the problem. Those contractors have been contacted to gauge their ability and interest in bidding on the project.


Milfoil is often brought into a pond from other fresh water ponds via boats, fishing gear or in many cases, the webbed feet of ducks. During the summer months, it gets so thick that It has to be taken out with a rake to clear an area for swimming.


We have not been able to contact all of the residents around the pond so if you know of any of them please let them know what we are trying to do.

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