Click play below for the presentation on “outfalls” that CPWB President Matt Patrick did before the Falmouth Select Board last Monday the 7th of June, 2021. An outfall is what we call rain water runoff that flows from roads, untreated, directly into our rivers and estuaries.

Matt makes the case that Waquoit Bay along with the Quashnet and Childs Rivers receive the highest level of protection from the Commonwealth. Both rivers are rated A and Waquoit Bay is rated SA for marine water. The A designation means that the rivers at their source have clean, cool, spring fed waters that are ideal for the natural reproduction of native fish and shellfish. However, if a storm flushes polluted water into them an entire year’s worth of reproductive effort by trout, herring, alewives and eels can be destroyed.

There are no other rivers in Falmouth with the same distinction. We need to protect them. Call your Select people to respectfully let them know that it is important that they get the out falls fixed on the Quashnet and Childs Rivers. 508-495-7320.

Watch to find out more.